Louis Rojo

     Louis received his dance training at chain studios, located right here in Tucson.  He then moved to Phoenix where he managed one of the most successful chain studios in the nation.  He then moved to Ohio, where he co-owned his own studio but family ties brought him back to Tucson.  Louis Rojo opened Studio West School of Dance in 1979.  In addition to teaching at his own studio, Louis is also an instructor at the Let’s Dance Club, where ballroom dancers meet every Wednesday evening and dance to live music.  Louis is proficient in all styles of dancing and enjoys teaching singles, couples and groups at his studio.


Jean Rojo

     Jean Rojo co owns Studio West School of Dance with her husband, Louis. She has been teaching dancing for 15 years and enjoys all genres of dnace including ballroom, country, and salsa. Her original exposure to the arts was when she toured with Up With People for a year, where her exuberant personality captivated audiences as far as Europe! In addition to teacing, Jean is a busy raising her 4 childern at home and coaching a basketball team.


Ramona Daniel

     Ramona Daniel started at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Tucson in the early 80's. She then moved to Laughlin, NV, where she was a personal instructor to Don Laughlin-the founder of the town. She relocated back to Tucson in 2003, where she created a ballroom dance program for juniors. Ramona enjoys teaching social as well as competitive dancing in all styles of dance.


Linda Lowell

     Linda Lowell has been the manager of Studio West School of Dance for 30 years. She competed professionally in the American smooth and rhythm, as well as the west coast swing and country western. Linda and her partner won and placed at various competitions around the United States. She placed third in the American Style Rising Star Division at the United States Ballroom Championships in Miami, Florida.

     When Linda isn't competing, she's performing and choreographing shows in the Tucson community. She also organizes a dance event called the Summer Dance Expo, which is held in August at the gorgeous Ventana Canyon Resort.


Clay Abernathy

     It was destiny that Clay Abernaty should be a ballroom dancer because it was in his genes-both his parents were dancers and managers of a ballroom dance studio in Phoenix. Clay enjoys teaching and choreographing in all the styles of dancing-ballroom, country, salsa, and swing. He has choreographed several intriguing wedding dances that charmed the guests of many wedding couples. But because of his charismatic personality, Clay also has found he enjoys working with people in other avenues, such as real eastate and insurance. Clay is certainly a mulit talented young man and is a significant asset to Studio West!