Private lessons: This is the best way to learn to dance because you learn at your own pace and with personal attention from a dance instructor.  An instructor will work with just you or you and your partner.  To schedule a private lesson you need to call the studio and make an appointment for your first lesson at 520-747-9464.

Private lessons are either 55 minutes long or 27 minutes long, depending on your preference.

Buy (1) 55 minute lesson or (2) 27 minute lessons:  $65.00

Buy (10) 55 minute lesson or (20) 27 minute lessons:  $600.00

Group classes: Groups are where several students are learning under the tutorage of one teacher.  We offer a variety of classes throughout the week - see calendar.  All of our group classes are just $10.00 per person per class. You don't need to make reservations - just show up!

Practice sessions (Parties): Practice sessions are where we play a variety of music for students to practice their patterns with a variety of partners.  This is a great social outing and a lot of fun!

New Student Special: For new students we offer an introductory special of 3 (½ hr) private lessons for $25.00.  This special is either for yourself or with a partner
.  First time students only!

Wedding Couples: We can get you ready for your special day!  Bring in your music for your first dance together, and we will choreograph to it!

Whatever your dancing needs, we can accommodate you!  Call us at 520-747-9464 and we'll setup your first dance appointment.